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Do You Twerk? Well, you should…


…or at least some sort of dancing.

Do you have the energy and agility
to do the latest “dance” craze

It took me a while to understand
what it was and I’m sure Dave has no
idea what it is…or at least that
those moves have a name!

When I first met Dave, he asked me
what I liked to do. I told him I
loved to dance and he replied
“Great, so do I!”

Wow! A guy who loves to dance. Cute,
sexy and loves to dance–I hit the
trifecta!! Well, it took us about
three weeks to actually go dancing.

Anyway, back on the reason for this

Did you realize the many benefits of

Powerful You! Book

Who knew a Dump could be so good?!

As I sit here in my “office” around noon, I overhear the TV that Dad is watching in the other room.   

Daytime TV ads run heavy on scooters, walk-in tubs and “poor Sally.  They didn’t have any lifeinsurance when Ed passed away.”  Most of them end up being background noise as I work away learning about online marketing, getting traffic, listening to webinars and updating, ordering and shipping for our eBay business.  But, today something caught my ear!!

I listened to a commercial about Dump Cakes and then looked it up on Google.  

The Google search brings up the same information that I overheard.  


Crazy Snow and Work From Home


For those of you in the Northeast, you will be able to relate to this.  And for the rest of you I’m sure you will be able to relate too–in your own way.

We are in Pennsylvania.  Since most people seem to know Pennsylvania as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, we are on the Philadelphia side of our beautiful state.  We have been having pretty mild winters over the past several years.  Cold and snow, but nothing to compare to this winter.

Over the past few weeks, we have had more snow dumped on us than probably the previous three winters combined.  Watch the video to see how much the snow is piling up.


We are getting to the point that we are running out of places to put the snow.  I get a shovel full, lift it up as high as I can to put in on top of the snow bank and half of it rolls back down on my just shoveled path!!  Some of our paths are only as wide as the snow shovel. 

See, not only have we had snow storm after snow storm—every so often we get a bit of sleet added into the mix to add a layer of ice to the snowline.  AND, wait….there’s more…..

The temperature has been below freezing for weeks…every so often peeking about 32 degrees to reach almost 40 degrees!!


The poor road crews have got to be exhausted.  They have been out morning, noon and night trying to keep up with the onslaught.  They are doing the best they can, but if people can stay off the roads it’s really the best.

That’s another reason that I’m grateful for the opportunity to work from home.  My car is covered with snow, but that’s okay.  There is nowhere that I have to be. 

And if you want to check out a cool business that you can do in your spare time and will make you a few extra hundred bucks a month or week.  <<Check this out>> 


I love the view of the white, pristine landscape and the trees when they have snow on the branches, but at this point — pictures will do. 

Speaking of pictures…I love it when peeps post pics of their winter vacations in warm climates — we get to see natural greenery.  Something we may not see until May… 

So, those of you in warm climates, be grateful for your greenery and warmth.  We will be grateful for the water tables going up (I hope only to a good level).

And as my dad says “No sense complaining about the weather, you’re going to get what you get!”



Another day…another—hey! Where’s my dollar??


Have you ever wondered where your “dollar” was?  

Dollars for you

Where are your dollars?

You’ve put in your “day” but no extra DOLLAR for you.  Yeah, that makes you feel like continuing on down that road.  Right?

Admit it.  You have felt that way, at least, once–if not once, daily!  

You go to work.  You are early every day, because you want to be ready to work at or before your starting time.  After all, you were brought up to “put in an honest day of work, for an honest day pay” or something like that.  (Others come in right on time and THEN go get their coffee, kibitz with the others and settle in to start work about 20 minutes later!)

You are always the one who will stay later if needed to finish up a project.  You are the one that management goes to when they need someone to come in over the weekend to take care of the much needed filing.  

You think it’s because they notice you. . . that they appreciate you. . . that they have big plans for you. . . right?!? 


Already running late, I didn’t need this!!

As usual, I hit my snooze button twice.  I had just enough time to get ready,grab my to-go cup of coffee and rush out the door to make my 8:00 appointment.  

I head out the door and am shocked to see the windows of 
my car covered with ice and frost!  ARRGGHH!

I don’t have time for cleaning off my windows or waiting for the 
car to warm up to defrost the windows…poop.  I get in the car, 
squeeze the wiper arm and have the windshield-wiper fluid 
flood my window and the wipers wipe the schmeg away.  Whew!

As I start traveling down the road, my “Whew”, turned into an 
“Uh-Oh” as my windows freeze up right in front of me.  I have to 
continue my window fluid squirting and wiping for the next ten 
minutes until the car warms up.  

But, then I came across this…